Electrical Infrastructure

We can replace problematic,unsafe wiring or install new wiring into your home or business. If your switchboard has the old-style, plug-in fuses it may be time to consider replacing to a modern, safer switchboard. We can ensure your switchboard operates efficiently and can safely handle your requirements, without the risk of electrocution and electrical fires. We can also assist with capacity upgrades so your electrical supply needs are met. If you are remodelling or refitting, or need to change the use of a room, BonElectrical Solutions can help ease the transition by performing re-wiring and all necessary work to ensure a reliable and safe electrical supply

Data & Voice Networks

We can assist with data Cat5e up to Cat6A and telephone wiring.
Whether it requires a total new installation to installing new Ethernet sockets, or extending your telephone system or installing new telephone sockets.

Electrical Service in Commercial, Domestic and Industrial

Exit and Emergency lighting tested every 6 months and record the results in order to be compliant to “Australian Standards 2293”. In the event of an electrical failure or emergency, it is essential that the Exit and Emergency lighting systems are in 100% working order so that people may safely exit the building and to avoid possible legal action. BonElectrical Solutions will conduct a comprehensive Exit and Emergency test to ensure your system is fully functional & legally compliant.

Testing and Tagging

BonElectrical Solutions will also provide a testing and tagging service. Our service will ensure electrical testing and tagging processes within your workplace legally comply to the “Australian Standards for in service inspection and testing of electrical equipment AS/NZS3760”.

LED upgrade or retrofit

[Also up to date with the cutting edge technology suppliers].
We service both residential and commercial customers supplying and installing high quality LED lighting Solutions. To SWITCH is as simple as choosing the product you wish to replace from our extensive range of class leading LEDs. Talk to our team today to see if you qualify for various state based Government incentives and switch from your old inefficient lights to a new long lasting LED replacement.

Maintenance Works

For all your commercial electrical requirements with priority on-time response 24/7. We will also help your business meet all safety requirements and become more energy efficient to reduce your carbon footprint and save money

Hourly Rates

We provide industry leading services at competitve rates.